7 inch TFT Display

Hi everyone,

I've been searching about 7 inch TFT display on the internet for my final year project and found about this display. i also have ordered it from a local store. The display that arrives looks like the photo that i've included in this post. the question is if this model compatible with arduino board or not? is there any possible way for me to connect them and is there any reference that i can refer to programmed the display?

I'm new with this and i really need help. thank you

for some reason, the photo can't be uploaded. the model of the display is written like this (7 inch HDMI Display-B)

Please post a link to your display e.g. the Ebay Sale.

Compare photos on the link with the actual pcb on your desk. Sometimes the link has old photos.

Explain IF there any differences e.g. different printed letters or numbers on the pcb.



My display look exactly like the picture in the link above

Just buy a RaspberryPi. The display is not suitable for any regular Arduino.


oh my goodness.. thank you for your help david, I appreciate it. Can u suggest me a 7 inch TFT LCD display model that compatible with arduino mega 2560 and where can I find it?

There are several 5 inch or 7 inch SSD1963 displays on Ebay. They are 3.3V and have 40-pin header.
You need to buy an Adapter Shield to receive the 40-pin display.

Your RPi display expects a HDMI signal. The Arduino displays require LOTS of signals and they all have to be converted from 5V to 3.3V

If you are displaying text and graphics, the Arduino is fine. It still costs quite a bit for Display and Adapter.

The Rpi can do video as well as text and graphics. It would be cheaper to buy a Rpi.
I know nothing about RPi. But other members certainly will know.