7" LCD Touch Display

Hey Guys,

I have this 40-pin(I assume) LCD which I removed from an old tablet. It is functional and is touch-compatible. I need to implement it in my project which runs on the AT32UC3C0512C AVR32 Microcontroller.

But sadly I don’t have so many pins to connect this LCD to the MCU.

So can I get any adapter to control this LCD via I2C…??

*Please ignore the previous posts. Sorry for them. It is due to a bug in the Arduino Forum. It happened while uploading the picture.


You only have a TFT screen and touch panel in the picture !!!

The fat flat cable needs to be connected to a graphics driver chip like a 1963 or a 8875

The thin flat cable needs to be connected to a touch driver chip like an XPT2046

Those will be very difficult to do - eg. to connect to flat cables, and then you will need to develop drivers.

I suggest you get a TFT that already has above driver chips.

Okay, but aren't they expensive..?


I just looked on ebay.com and 7 inch TFTs start from around 41 dollars.

When people refer to TFT's on this forum they always have the graphics chip eg SSD1963 built in on the back. Some TFTs have a touch panel and these have a touch driver chip e.g XPT2046 built on the back.

If you look at images on Google of TFT's you may spot that the flat cables wrap around the back and plug into the above chips.

The development board that some use e.g. Arduino UNO plug into the graphics chip in effect (via a graphics shield ) NOT the screen. It is the graphics chip that drives the screen.

My point is unless you are proficient enough to solder flat cables and surface mounted chips (if you can get them) the TFT screen you have in the picture is useless.

Sorry if that is not what you want to hear.

Isn't there an option to communicate b/w the LCD through I2C..??

Yes - probably the Raio RA8876 ( or xx5 or xx7 )chip. But what I said above will still apply.

Any adapter thing would make it easier... Well, no prob. Any datasheet for the Raio and price quotations..??