7 segment display

hi guys,

I am new to arduino. So pls help

can i interface 7 segment display with arduino uno????
if yes how and how many pins i need ????

Sure - just need 7 pins, 1 for each display segment. Make sure to use appropriate current limit resistor.


but one more question

is there any way in which i can control a 7 segment display using a single pin?????

As in, turn a knob for a potentiometer and have the reading change on the display? Sure, easy enough.

Control 7 LEDs from 1 pin? No.

it need not be 7 segment display

i have around 3 to 4 pins free on my board
i have to interface a display which has two numbers(00-99)

is there any way????


IO expanders, shift registers, etc.

thanks dhenry

but can u explain some more

Connect your LED displays to a shift register. The shift register needs fewer pins to control, generally 3: the datapin, the clockpin, and a latch pin, connected thusly.
In this example, MOSI is the serial data that gets shifted in, SCK is the clock line that stores each bit, and SS is the latch signal that moves the data to the output register.