7 segment led, high voltage and current

How can I drive 8 digits 7 segment led display. Each segment containing about 60 12V leds with a current around 1A per segment?

Wow, 8 * 7 * 60 = 3360LEDs.
I assume the LEDs are in a series/parallel configuration.
How many of those 60 LEDs are connected in series, and what colour (Vf of the LED).

60 in series per segment, general 12v white led strip.
or it could be 3x20 in parallel per segment.

12volt LED strip means three LEDs in series (one strip segement between the dotted lines).
60 LEDs = 20 strip segments = 20*0.02A = 400mA per 7-segment segment (confusing?).

Led strips must be cut on the dotted line. So 3*18 LEDs per 7-segment segment could be done.
That also falls within the capability of a TPIC6A595 shift register.

Oh, I see, thank you so much for this light!
Didn't knew about this IC. ty!

Read this, and the sub pages.
The TPIC version on that board can't switch 350mA (like the TPIC6A595), but the principle is the same.
There is also a link to 7-segment shift register code on that page.