7-Segment LED pinout

Does anyone here know how to find the pinout for this 7-segment led?


The datasheet doesn't explain how it should be connected.

check out the last page of the datasheet. it has some diodes labeled a,b,c,d,e,f,dp, then has each of those segments shown in a picture. the pin numbers are there

If in doubt have a fiddle. As long as the voltage is not higher than the voltage that it requires then you can just prod the pins til it all works and you shouldn't have any problems...


If you are going to prod then prod with two wires, one connected to ground and the other connected to 5V through a 330R resistor.

So connect the 330R to pins 5 & 10, then prodding earth on say pins 7, 6 2, 1 & 8 will light up the segments in the pattern of a 2.

Heh, I see that web page now has a note that the pin-out in the datasheet is WRONG. And they show the correct one on the web page.

Just one of those things to make electronics design sooooo interesting!


Take a look at this data sheet. Go to second to last page. Nice clean schematic for the 7 seg connection