7 segment screen

i am facing a problem with 7 segments 4 screen; I have attached the GN by 1000 ohm resistor with the (-) side of it.
I wrote a simple code:

void setup()
void loop()

I have uploaded a video. Please check it. Once I attach the 4 screens. Error shows up. if only two screen it works. 4 shows error.
Video of the problem: Dropbox - YouCut_20200421_114955313.mp4 - Simplify your life

Any Ideas?

Looks like you are drawing too much current by trying to drive all the displays at once.
Increase the value of the current limiting resistors, or only drive 1 display at once using multiplexing.

If those resistors are 1K each and you have one on each cathode, that is a total of only 20mA (at 5 volts).
What are the colour bands on those resistors ? It is not so clear from the video.