7" touch screen for car GPS

I am looking for a large touch screen for my next project (Controller for a model railway). The last version I built used a 5" screen that had a SSD1963 controller giving 800x480 driven by a Due and works very well.

I noticed on aliexpress that there are cheap touch screens for Car GPS systems that use I2C such as:

I was wondering if anyone had got something like this to work with an Arduino. I've searched on the internet but cannot find anything.

Screen refresh rates are not a big issue as the controllers I build only update small sections of the screen at a time and is usally just text being written (for speeds).

Link corrected: NEW 7inch ZCC 2212 V2 6lines Capacitive screen touch screen panel GT911 164mm*99mm TouchSensor FreeShipping 164*99 for GPS CAR|Tablet LCDs & Panels| - AliExpress

So what IC does it use?

I think it's GT911

Check out this library for the goodix GT911 or GT9110 touch panels: GitHub - nik-sharky/arduino-goodix: Arduino goodix touch screen driver

Thanks for the info, ordered a screen and will see how it goes.