70 servos!

Hi everybody:

I will have to control 70 servos, and a LED for each one, that will move the turnouts in a model railroad layout.

I know there is a servo driver capable of controlling 16 servos. And more than one driver can be hooked in cascade. Now, is there a bigger driver for more servos?


Yes, this Adafruit board is stackable. With multiple boards you can have just under 1,000 servos.

There are also boards for driving many LEDs.

Read up on I2C and SPI interfaces.

edit: Plan for more servos. As soon as you start doing this, you will want to automate crossing gates or other pieces and your servo count will grow.

Also, Wow, 70 turnouts. Pics or it didn't happen!

In fact, my layout has 15 turnouts, each with its servo, all driven by an Adafruit board. But my cousin is buying his layout and it includes 70 servos. Guess who will have to install all the electronics!

I have already asked him for pictures.