70 sliders - 16 pots - 62 on/off buttons project ?

Hello ! it’s been years that i didn’t come here. i had an arduino teensye i think, still have it somewhere.

today i’d perhaps have a project to control a vst synth in my cubase, and maybe i could build a controler for it. But it has a lot of controlers … it’s for the Memorymoon ME-80, a nice virtual version of the legendary Yamaha Cs80.

i’d like to reproduce a pannel looking like the real one, and have as much controlers as there is on the virtual pannel of this vst synth.

There are roughly 70 sliders , 16 pots, and 62 on/off buttons. that’s a lot !!

i don’t remember how many controlers an arduino can handle, and communicate to the synth via usb.
and is it possible to combine several arduino boards ?

thank you.

here is a picture of the me80 pannel, great sounding synth :

With [u]multiplexing[/u], the number of inputs is virtually unlimited. You can get analog multiplexer chips that can be combined and "expanded".

For example, the Arduino Uno has 6 analog inputs. But if you study the ATmega datasheet, you'll see that there's one analog-to-digital converter connected to 6 multiplexed analog inputs.

6x 74hc4067 gives 96 analog inputs when connected to A0..A5. The same chip can be used for digital inputs or you can use 74hc165 shift register or port expanders (SPI in this case because A4 and A5 are in use if you use all analog inputs).

Hi as DVDdoug and sterretje says. the IO can be endless with just a couple of pins from the arduino. look at 74HC165 for inputs, 74HC595 for outputs, and 4051 or 4067 for analog inputs.

BUT!!! if all of this is to difficult for you take a look at "Midibox" its a open source project for creating a midicontroller with midi or OSC which uses Midi, usb or ethernet.

DVDdoug gave you the magic word: MULTIPLEXING

arduinoaleman: DVDdoug gave you the magic word: MULTIPLEXING

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