72 keys midi controller

Hello. I want to build a 72 keys midi controller with velocity. Can someone help me to determine which board and shwitches should I use?

Thanks a lot. Diego

I think that typical electronic piano keyboards use two switches per key to measure velocity. It was not clear if your "MIDI controller" would be a piano keyboard of an array of buttons.

If you use buttons you might be able to find single-pole double-throw break-before-make button switches and use the timing between 'break' from one contact and 'make' on the other to get a velocity value.

I think you will need 144 inputs or a matrix (12x12?) for the 144 button contacts.

If you are talking about a MIDI piano-style keyboard try Googling "arduino MIDI keyboard". It's been done many times.


Ok. Thanks a lot. Its a piano keyboard. Ill check that out.