74HC595 missing Ground and VCC pins in Eagle

I downloaded the free version of Eagle yesterday. I created a new project and added a schematic file there. From the library I added a 74HC595 shift register. It has all the pins except GND and VCC.

Why is it lacking those and how do I get them?

In some models configuration the power pins are hidden and automatically connected to the power rails. It is possible to make them visible, look for the right option in the menus.

Or use Kicad which is open source and has no limitation (1) as Eagle which is a commercial product.

(1) - No maximum number of component - multi-sheets (Eagle free only accepts one sheet) - multi-layer no limitation -> Eagle -free only double side.

In Eagle - right click on a part, select Invoke, select the power pins.


Can't the pins be attached to the chip?

You can make up an eagle symbol to do that. Symbols I create show all pins.

Ok, thanks!