74hc595 question + ethernet

Hola , estoy por adquirir una ethernet shield con micro sd , la idea es tambien usar un 74hc595 , usando los puertos Mosi , y sck q tambien son usados en la placa ethernet , alguien me podria decir si esto es posible ? graciasñ.

Yes but you will need to have a separate latch pin.

However there is no need to use the SPI pins on a 74HC595, you can use any other pins and use the shift out function or write your own with direct port access if you need it to run faster.

thanks , but i don’t know how to do it … can you tell me how i do?? in this moment i use diferent píns for the communication with the ethernet shield and shift register, becuse i try with the other way but it doesnt work … sorry for my english

Use the shift out function, Google Arduino shift out