Ok I am a real noob just bought my first arduino kit still waiting for it.Been watching lot of tutorial and it look so fun!!Anyway noob question and sorry if you answered it a million time already :(.Is it possible to write a line of code in the 75hc595 chip remove it from the arduino board.Solder it to a copper board and use it?

No, the chip is controlled by controlling its data, latch and clock pins. It doesn't store code.

They are commonly used as a serial to parallel converter. A useful application for this is to control many outputs (8, or more if you chain many chips) with only a few (3) outputs from the Arduino. This is great if you are running out of pins on your Arduino.

What is it you are trying to do?

If you're trying to minimize your project, look up "stand alone arduino". You only need a few components to make it an "arduino".

Thank you very much you guys for the answer!.Since I am a streamer I made my name in led's and i wanted them to flash slowly.I didn't want to keep the arduino board always plug on it so i though I could solder the chip on a pcb with the code store inside.Well I'm still playing with the arduino because it's so fun!.But as for my project i will maybe experiment with 3 555 chip and try to time them right lol.

And really sorry that this was posted in the wrong section :(


Official tutorial to set up stand alone arduino on breadboard. An alternative is to get a cheap $2 arduino nano from ebay. It is a full arduino just without the stacking female header so you need a $2 breadboard. The parts in the tutorial will cost you more if you buy them separately.

Thank for the info!