7805 voltage regulator giving output 0.6v

first off, i use my 7805 without capacitors for a while and i havent had any trouble yet
but suddenly, its started giving me 0.6v otuput when i give it 12v input and, it has become extremely hot to touch even

there is no load on anything, i just checked it with a multimeter and tried another piece of the 7805

any suggestions why?

Any suggestions why?

I use my 7805 without capacitors

Other than that impossible to say without more information.

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Photo of what you have? Schematic?

My first thought is that something is drawing too much current from the output of the 7805.

Check the rest of your circuit for something else getting hot.
Back to front connected electrolytic or tantalum capacitor.
Any ICs getting hot to the touch.

Tom.. :slight_smile:

Remember a 7805 is a high gain DC amplifier with negative feedback. Without the capacitors, it may be oscillating and drawing excess current. Measure the output with an oscilloscope rather than a DVM and see what your low voltage signal looks like.

Also, do you have the 7805 on a heat sink?


any suggestions why?

Yes, you are not using capacitors. This may sound sarcastic and to an extent it is.

You made the mistake of assuming because the regulator did not fail right away that all was good. It is a common mistake. In this case the first thing you should have done is add the capacitors and see if it then worked with a new part. This should be learning moment, in electrical circuits there are things going on that are obvious to the operator.

Sounds like it may be a short in your project. Disconnect the 7805 output from your project and then check the output voltage of the 7805. Make sure you somehow did not get it wired up backwards.