7A/160W motor driver module

I'm using a 7A/160W motor driver module. My question is what should be the input supply to the motor driver circuit if the motors attached are12V, Thanks... it's my first time asking in this forum

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Please post links to the actual product pages or user guides for both motor driver and motors. There is not enough information in your post to answer the question.

Keep in mind that motor voltage ratings are nominal. The "12V" rating is the manufacturer's recommendation and forms the basis for motor performance tests. Motor life may be shortened if operated at significantly higher voltages.

Use the voltage required by the motor.

Any change of a link to the motor driver datasheet/product page? Much better to refer to the source than quote it.

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What are the ratings of your motors?

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Please understand that the most important information is about your motors, not about the motor driver. If you exceed the rated motor voltage then you'll burn your motor, not the more powerful driver module.

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