7pin rotary encoder

Hello Forum,
I have been trying to wire this rotary encoder but am not getting any further.
The internet seems to have no how-to's on this matter.
It is of the type ALPS EC12

Thanks in advance


I would bet that 2 of the "pins" are just mounting lugs, not connected to anything (ground maybe), 2 pins for push button, 3 for encoder (channel A, B and common). Do you have a continuity tester?

yes I've got a continuity tester,
There are three pins in the front and two in the back, one of the two in the back have a positive continuity test with the outer two pins of the three pins in the front. would that mean I should put 5V on the one pin in the back and the two in the front to digital in pins on the arduino? have the resting pin in the back to ground and the middle pin on the front go to [I have no idea]

PS: it seems as if the mounting lugs also test positive in continuity maybe they are the switch button pins?

picture here: http://imgur.com/QLvCOTB

The data sheets are available.

jremington, thanks for googling that but after having read through it a couple of times and looked at the drawings. I am none the wiser, could anyone that has looked through this tell me what I should be looking at? Thanks

The wiring diagrams are in the link I posted, but they apply to several switches.

You need to take and post better photos of your switch so that it can be identified. Attach them to your next post.

It seems to be a EC12D (15 puls encoder with switch)
but I will upload foto’s as soon as possible!

The EC12D is fully described in the PDF link I posted. You need to study it carefully.

Verify the connections with an ohmmeter, while testing the switch.

oke, here is another picture => http://imgur.com/aeW2vw7
Just the problem with this is: to actually measure the rotary encoder with an ohmmeter I need to know what pins to connect the 5v and ground to.. And exactly this is where I start to fail.. I don't want to seem as a complete noob but somehow those diagrams and tables that are present in the .pdf are to complicated since I have never dealt with them before.

The one thing I have figured out by looking at the diagrams is that one of the three pins at the front should be connected to ground and one of the two in the back to 5v. (assuming comms means ground).
But then it gets complicated because, a little under the diagram it states that the two pins in the back are for the push button which would mean they should be connected to 5v and ground respecitvely. this doesn't make sence!

I found out what the 5V in pin is and what the two data pins are. Now my guess is that the pin next to the 5v pin is the ground pin so that leaves one pin unassigned?

When testing with an ohmmeter, there is no reason to connect 5V and ground.

There are just three switches inside the package.