8.5mm quadcopter motors

How can i control an 8.5mm quadcopter motor using Arduino UNO?

Control what? If it only has to turn in one direction at varying speeds then you need a transistor/MOSFET and a simple circuit. If it has to turn in both directions you need an H-bridge or motor driver board.

BTW the specification of the motor or a link to it would be a lot more useful than just a picture.And for more detail we would need to know what load you are going to put on the motor i.e. what it is driving.


Looks like slotless, coreless, brushed motors from RC helicopter etc, designed for about around 60,000 rpm at
3.7V and an amp or two. Needs a low drop-out switching device, so logic level MOSFET or MOSFET H-bridge
capable of 3.7 motor voltage.