8*8*8 led cube multiplexing

the auther useda 74hc574 ic to multiplex,
i cant find a seller in india for this ic,
can i use another ic for this purpose which compatible with the pin

You have to post a link to the page you are following then we can see how the author is using that chip before we can consider if there is any alternitave.

Looks like you can use a 40374 or a 74LS374.

Or you could use two 74LS76 for each chip, as that has four latches and the chip you need to replace has eight.

Be warned that the link is for an instructables project which are almost always crap.

Thank you for your suggesion

If you ckeck out page 9 of that instructable, the author suggests an alternative to 74hc574. The alternative suggested is 74hc164 shift registers. Can you get those?

The author gives some sample code for the 74hc164 on page 9 which could be improved by use of the SPI pins and SPI library.