8 digit 7 segment display

There appears to be 2 different ways of sending data to the above display.

Are there examples of both systems somewhere on how to send data from an input to the display including how to store the data.

Seems there are example for matrix systems and anything i can find is related to generating a number several times or counting and displaying.

Use SPI. See: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=248078.0


Also look into the 7 segment library.

Seems you really need to explain what "the above display" actually is?

Specification? Better still, a link to its page?

Your question is unanswerable unless we know what you are using - or propose to use - to drive the display.


Wiring instructions (a program, for example, you can pick any IO port definition can be modified in the program): VCC ? 5V GND ? GND DIN ? P00 CS ? P01 CLK ? P02

As LarryD says, use SPI:

digitalWrite (csPin, LOW); // D10 SPI.transfer(address); // SCK/D13 to CLK, MOSI/D11 to DIN SPI.transfer(data); digitalWrite (csPin, HIGH);