8 of 16 characters displayed

Hello, I have this 16X1 LCD display, it’s a PHICO D-0 94V-0, P110-2A which seems to be a part #DV-16100. The DV-16100 spec sheet shows it to be a KS-0066U controller. This link is to the datasheet (I hope)


This link shows the datasheet in text format, but below is a link “Locate DataSheet” and that will download a 1 page datasheet.

The problem is only the first 8 characters will display. I’m using the standard 0017 LCD library with 4bit - even tried the 8bit with all 8 data lines connected with same results.

The program works just fine with the normal HD44780 LCD display I’ve been using - both a 20X4 and a 16X2 displays. This only shows the first 8 characters.

During downloading a sketch, all 16 columns will light up, but once sketch is loaded, only the first 8 characters display.

Any ideas how to make this display work? Is it the KS-0066U controller that is the issue?

Thanks to all for any help,

Ken H>


Internally it’s probably an 8x2 display. Try initializing it as a ‘2 line’ display and use lcd.setCursor(0,1) before sending the second group of 8 characters.

If you want to know the details then check out the LCD Addressing link at http://web.alfredstate.edu/weimandn.


Thanks for the info - that is exactly what it was - I addressed it as a 8X2, with the first 8 characters as 0,0, then the next as lcd.setCursor(0,1) just as you suggested and it works just fine.

I took a look at the page on LCD addressing - It is VERY helpful and I will spend more time with the page.

Thank you!!

Ken H>