8 pins arduino chip.

I want to use arduino tone with 8 pins chip, I read some discussion on forum and not sure ATtiny85 will work, does someone did that ?
Another chip which was tested ?
I have to buy a chip but not sure which one.
I want to use this program.

int piezoPin = 8;

void setup()

void loop() {

  /*Tone needs 2 arguments, but can take three
    1) Pin#
    2) Frequency - this is in hertz (cycles per second) which determines the pitch of the noise made
    3) Duration - how long teh tone plays
  tone(piezoPin, 1000, 500);

Attiny85 will be definitely able to run this program.

Arduino IDE will not work with ATtiny85 "out of the box". It is necessary to install a "core" to enable support for tiny85 and other 8 pin chips. Several Cores which support tiny85 are available from different developers. Some support use of tone() and others do not. I would recommend this one:

thanks for link

+1 for ATTinyCore.