8 pins led panel matrix help with connection

Hello everyone,

My friend bring to me few led matrix modules from led wall. Panel is 24x24 pixels. I checked everywhere but I can't find exact model , I think this is custom panel for specific company. On the back there is 10 pins , rounded socket. VCC , GND , DATA1, DATA2, DATA3, CLK, LAT , OE, A, CRT. When I connected 5v panel turn on red pixels , every second row. I connected arduino and result was random colours , flicking etc. I know inside is SUM6066 microchip , 3 x 74hc245 4 x 74hc40530 54 x sum2117gas2.

There is info about model on pcb 0P10.66F2424SR2S1-3535-4L(6060)-V1.3

I'm looking any clue or information how to connect it. There is a chance to figured out how to do this without datasheet?. I don't want to build led wall , I think those pannels are nice to display some static information , mayby clock etc.

Thank everyone for help :slight_smile:

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