8 relay Module wiring to Arduino

Project: Running a Software program that interfaces with Arduino and want to add LED indicators.

Background: I want to connect the LEDs, to a seperate 12vdc power source (1 source for all LEDs), via the Arduino and a 8 Relay Module (H9449) to accomplish it.

Problem: I don’t know how to construct the circuit to accomplish it. I don’t read “Schematic” but have very little problem following instruction and even less seeing a picture or drawing.

Application: 4 elements; Arduino, Module, Power, and Load (LEDs). Arduino via its internal 5v circuirty will open/close the relays on the module (each relay controlled independantly by a seperate pin from the Arduino. The Module relays (depending on the state of the Arduino pins) will allow the 12v (common power source) to flow between the “NC” and “C” posts of the relays, Power (+) terminal to “C” on relay, (-) to LED cathode, Load (LEDs) Anode to “NC” of relays and Cathode to (-) terminal of power, seems logical, however is it right?

What is "gnd,Voc,Jd, and Voc for on Module? Any suggestions are helpful. Note - I understand recommandations and responsibility… you get the 1st I take the 2nd! But please if you do respond keep my “problem” in mind.

You can either run + to the (C)ommon on all the relays, and then connect the NC (or NO, depending on which way you want it) to the positive side of the load (with negative side connected to ground), or do the reverse, grounding the Common on the relays, and connecting the other relay terminal to the negative side of the load (withe the positive side of the load connected to the positive voltage).

If that's the relay board I think it is, you connect it's GND to arduino ground, and VCC to arduino +5V...

This connection scheme will take advantage of the optical isolation feature of your relay board: