8"Touch Shield LCD Display Module w/SSD1963 not displaying anything

I copied the header file that was available were I bought the screen (it can be found attached) so it would run in Arduino. The only thing I changed is the interface format, since I am using 8-bit parallel and the code uses 16-bit. The code compiles but there is no display in the screen. The screen is 800 x 480. I could really use some help since I am stuck and I don’t know how to trouble shoot what is wrong. I have downloaded other codes (usually for 7" but with the same pixels) and they don’t output anything. This makes me believe it is a wire connection but the only wires being used are the enabler, read/write, data/command, chip select and the 8-bits, and they are connected correctly. If someone could take a look at the code and help me please.

LCD_code.ino (6.48 KB)

SSD1963.h (249 KB)

2 Threads for the same problem is not the way to go!

As stated in the other thread, use 16 bit parallel and UTFT library.