8 wires stepper motors + DRV8825 + CNC Shield + Arduino UNO


As first, please sorry but I don´t speak English very well. As second, many thanks for all provide assistance on this forum. It's helps a lot as beginners like me. As third, my problem....

Project: Pre build of my own CNC router table. +/- 25x25 inches working space

The hardware that I have:

Questions: 1- Can this hardware run ONE of these motors ??? and THREE of these motors at same time ??? 2- How the motors must be physically wired to the DRV8825 ??? A scheme would be the best... 3- As I saw in others posts, the current limit must be calibrated on DRV8825. Which is the recommended current limit for these motors and how can this be adjusted on the DRV8825 ???

Notes: Few month ago I burned one Arduino UNO, one CNC shield and 3 DRV8825 trying to run these motors. On one of these tests I was able to run one of these motors but I noted unlikely noise and hot temperature on the motor and driver and the motor only run for one side (Clockwise). After 10 or 15 seconds the driver, cnc shield and Arduino board stop working. Fuse on CNC shield was burned and Arduino board is now no recognized by my pc. Now I have a new hardware and I don't like to burn it again. Arduino UNO board is Original and Genuine board. It's not a chinese copy.

Thanks alot for all your time and support.





sanyo-motor 8.jpg|792x863

Use series bipolar connection, set the current limit at 1.35A (half the value for parallel bipolar). The DRV8825
probably blew up trying to run 2.7A last time.

Make sure you wire the windings correctly for series bipolar - multimeter can help check this.

Pololu’s website has guide for setting current on DRV8825s

Really thanks MarkT !!!!! Following your indications I have the three motors running with nice noise and no heating on the DRV8825 drivers. Obviously that the motors are running with no load over their shafts and the power consumption is to low. I will place the heatsink on these DRV8825 and then I will put a cooler to prevent overheating.

Really, really, REALLY thanks for your support !!!

Regards: Matias.

No problem.