8 × 24 - LED matrix Display use 74CH595 now i want remove 74ch595 an add max7219

The new forum seems to have fixed the missing code tags. Is the code working now? If not, what happens, and what did you expect to happen?

no its not working

Please try not to make it difficult to help you.

I noticed that your setup() function is empty. Is the setup() function empty in the example sketches from the MD_MAX72XX library?

Thanks paul. with my little knowledge of coding this is not going to happen so am trying to increase brightness with hardware.

Do you think some people are born with knowledge of coding?

The skills required for coding are not that different to the skills for designing and building circuits. You must think logically and pay attention to details.

yes.i will never stop learning Arduino.

I think the code for the max chips can be fixed more quickly than you can change the shift register to increase the brightness, and the result will be better and simpler. You just need to try. We will help. You might be only 1 line of code away from making it work!

I have your code kind-of-working.

With the code as you posted above, no LEDs light. I put a couple of lines into setup() and now the LEDs light and most are animated. But the animation is very fast and flickers badly. I don’t know what patterns to expect, but I don’t think what I see can be correct, so there must be another error somewhere.

void setup() {
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I made a wiring error. It works perfectly now, I think.

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how are u and thnaks paul. :heart_eyes:
yes its working 100%.