8 × 30 - Scrolling LED Display using a Microcontroller and CD4017 ICs

Please help me to build this project. that is LED matrix. i found this project on you tube but there is no more details about it.please help me with circuit and coding .

It's a bad design, don't use it.

Use 4x max7219 chips.

It’s a bad design, don’t use it.
Use 4x max7219 chips.

And that really is the answer!
The 4017 sounds like a rather improbable choice for the purpose, but any way of doing the multiplexing in the Arduino is unnecessarily painful.

The MAX7219 is purpose-designed for this job, performs the multiplexing for you and includes the cathode drivers making the programming dead easy. You drive them with the “Parola” library installed though the IDE Library Manager.

Ready-built modules:

Aliexpress example

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