I'm thinking about starting my first project with an Arduino, so I haven't purchased anything yet or done a whole lot of research (other than Google searches).

I'd like to build an Internet-controlled thermostat with an Arduino, but I don't want to run Ethernet cable to my router. I'd rather use the wireless network that's already in my house. The problem is that my wireless network is 802.11n-only (no 802.11a/b/g compatibility) with WPA2 security (63-character password), using the 5GHz spectrum.

If I really had to, I could create a 802.11b network and use that, but I would rather not. Does anyone know of any 802.11n interfaces for Arduino that would work with my setup?

I haven't seen one. I think if there is such an animal, that it would cost more than adding an 802.11b/g router/gateway/access point to your existing network.


Yea, you could get a wireless N print server with a usb interface, and install something like tomato or OpenWRT, and you should be able to interface with the arduino.

I did something similar with an ASUS 520gu, but that was only wireless G.

Have you had a look at the wifi shields and wifi enabled arduino boards by Asyn labs?

The tiny yellowjacket would probably work very well for you. http://www.asynclabs.com/store?page=shop.browse&category_id=11