802.15.4 Digimesh - Protocol information

Digimesh uses the phy and mac layer of 802.15.4. It is a proprietary protocol made by Digi The only problem is, there is very limited information on the protocol.

It is similar to zigbee, but is not zigbee. It sort of uses Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector but does not completely use it.

See where this is going? Lots of "like but not is". Basicly, i need specific information on the protocol, how cost is calculated, its relation to OSI etc. I have done a lot of searching with no luck.

Hoping one of the fine people on here might be able to help me with this and supply some detailed information, or a direction to go in.

Thank you.

I think, you can't find it information, because it is Know-How of Digi network layout firmware. In our Embee firmware, this is network layout more simple for user, and so this is Embee KNOW-HOW.