80s Pinball Sound Board Shield

I been working on creating new versions of various pinball sound boards form years gone by recently. I had an idea for use of certain ones that have binary input command system that would allow integration with an arduino and a library to control them for custom projects. A serial input or maybe an i2c interface could be added on. Some of the 80s sounds used in theses games are some of the best even now, as certain chips/designs give a certain feel and depth.

See games like this: - 100_2619.mov - YouTube Start at about 40 seconds in for the sounds and music

Attached are a few pics of my std board design so far. This is just the standard pinball board not a shield (yet)

I’d be interested in hearing from people who would be interested in using this in their own projects etc so i can decide whether to make a shield version.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile: