850 Hot air?

Hey guys:
This is the first time I use this forum. So heyy guys.
Anyway so I am thinking about making my own 2-in-1 soldering station, integrates hot air reflow and soldering iron.
Yeah I know such thing exists.
But the thing is, I don't like the big handles that 858 uses which have a combo with T-12 iron, and I don't like the 936 that 852D comes with ... Not everyone can stand 936 after knowing how good T-12 is. And since there are no combo of T-12+852, I figured I either have to make my own, or I have two pieces and I put them adjacent to each other.
Which does not sound too bad, but I still like the idea of making my own better.
So the thing is, right, I see some tutorial about how to make a 858 hot air station, but there are nothing on 850(to explain the weird number, 850 is the basic station, and 852 is the combo between 850+iron, 850 and 852 are small handle, and 858 is big handle). And especially considering 850 is indeed harder to deal with due to it's ... weird interior design in the handle, a DIY that starts with 0 for me would be challenging.
Now what appears to be especially confusing for me is how the handle is joint with the pump, because the wire is in the same tube as the air go through, I couldn't understand how the wire got out of the tube, nor how the tube is joint with the pump with wire in it(only I could imagine is a gas chamber and a GX-12 out of it to keep it airtight ... which is TBH silly since it takes too much space). So if any of you guys have disassembled or repaired a 850 or 852 before, please tell me.

Also I wonder will anyone be interested to get on with this project together.


Which Arduino are you going to use ?

I'm also missing links to specific parts.

Hey guys:
My first time here, please understand.
BTW I already ordered myself a separate hot air reflow, YiHua 8508D. But I am still keen on the project.
Arduino I am looking at PIC32MX250F128B @ 40MHz, AKA ChipKit Pi. But ... I guess any Atmegas running at 16 MHz will also work if you do not need a touchscreen.
I am looking at this for the Handle with rotating airflow:
YiHua 8508D From TaoBao.com
Or straight:
Unbranded General 850D Handle From TaoBao.com
This for the air pump:
30L 24v Air Pump From TaoBao.com
13mm Tube From TaoBao.com
And for soldering iron, “SnowFoul(nickname of a engineer who designed the compact T12)” T12 soldering station, original Chinese files:
SnowFoul T12 Re-uploaded to Google
Partially Translated:
Translated T12 Files
I was not able to find the source file for the firmware yet, but I am pretty sure they are somewhere and I am still finding it, I will post it once I find it.
The original posted on QQ, a Chinese software which requires login. So I downloaded some of the files, since I cannot find all of them because Tencent is apparently stupid, I assume the files in the link is enough for us to proceed and use it as reference design.
A 858D DIY turtorial:
DIY-ing a arduino 858D with fan inside handle
3D printed air buffering chamber.

Now, I have a structure in mind but I have no idea is it going to work. It's the structure for separation of wire and air in the output tube - Let the tube go in a plastic block hollow in the middle with 3 opening, 2x17mm and one with a size slightly bigger than the heater's cable. Then use self-sealing(produce a fluid to help sealing when heated) heat shrink to seal the opening for wire, and tube the other opening to the buffer chamber.
But this is something I hope I have:
If you guys bu any chance knows how it works in common commercial designs please let me know. It will help my thinking a lot.

And ... I suppose that is kind of enough to actually go on ... if I have a actual reference design on how other people did the wire-gas separation.
Or I can always try it but I guess which ever one I will not actually start prototyping before I complete projects I am on right now.

BTW: Are you guys interested in taking part or are you just interested to see my progress? I am happy for it which ever one it is, but I am just wondering how much help can I ask for (If you guys are interested in taking part I can ask for help in designing a part of the machine, but if you are only interested to see my progress I suppose I can only ask specific detailed questions).


My first time here, please understand.

That's why there's this sticky, that explains what we need to offer help.
Use the editor or manually add your [url] tags to make links clickable. I for one can't be bothered to carefully copy/paste half a dozen of them.

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Hey guys:

I just realised that the files in the compressed file is in Chinese.
Sorry about that.
I have uploaded a translated version.