8inch LCD with Arduino plus sensor- what vga board


I'm planning to use a Arduino Mega to input about 9 sensor into it and have all of them displayed into a 8 inch lcd screen. So i whant color and of course the lvcd or small display can't be use.. I really need//whant 8 inch. But it may be in tft of other kind.. But not a composite video signal. So i ended about 3 options that i founded. The uVGA, the Picaso-md1 and the Propeller. So wich of the 3 could be the best to use ? I think the Picaso-md1 can be the best choice, but is the library are ok, because not a lot of people have made it running.. the uVGA seams ok, but may have a limit about the resolution.. not sure. Usually 7-8 inch can run at 800x400 and i like something sun readable too.

any helps ? Thanks