8pin smd to perf

I’m starting my first Arduino project. It is to measure pressure in my woodshop dust collector. With the Covid thing going on, low pressure sensors are, for the most part, unavailable. A friend gave me a sensor, an NXP mpvz series. I am trying to find an “adapter board” to mount this sensor on. I could solder it to a perfboard and install pins, but would prefer one with the correct footprint, with regular perf spacing for pins. I’m having trouble finding a board with the correct footprint. Attached is the footprint, of the sensor. If anyone knows where to find such a board, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

mpvz footprint.JPG

Looks like this one.


You may find something that will work in Dr. Azzy's store.

dlloyd: Looks like this one.


Perfect!! Experience is a wonderful thing. Thank you very much

Tons on eBay and Ali - but I suppose you want it promptly!