8x64 MAX7219 LED Matrix problem

hello there! I am trying to build a 8x72 large scrolling led board using the MD_Parola library. I am using 5mm leds at a separate distance of 3.5cm. I am using arduino uno and a series of 9 Maxim 7219CNG each chip with a 10uf/25v eleectrolytic capacitor and a 100nf ceramc capacitor in parallel with the voltage input i have also put a 10k 1/2W resistor at the iset pin of each chip. The project works nice for only 8 matrices but the 9th on remains either off or all leds lights on even when i define 9 devices on the program code. What could be the problem. Also sometimes some matrices just lits all the leds rather than printing the text. Help please

LEWISMURIMI, as you can read in the title, this discussion is about orientation. Please open a new thread when you have to make a new question and replies will not have to deal with the main topic.

Boy! That reply was prompt, wasn't it?



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