8x8 LED Matrix compatible with Arduino UNO V3


I ordered an Arduino UNO V3 yesterday. So, I'm a newbie. I've started to watch some cool videos with 8x8 LED matrix.

My question is what is the best way to use a 8x8 LED matrix with arduino. I made a quick search about it on this forum, but there are lot's of questions and answers about that. So, I'm sort of confused. I have only arduino now. What else do I need to buy? As far as I understand; I need a driver and the led matrix itself? Can you clarify me? I don't have any idea to buy which driver and which led matrix as well... What is your suggestion? (A link to a store for international shopping would be great.)

I will be appreciated for any help,


If you want to buy a finished product, google for 'colorduino'.

If you're interested in building your own, read up on multiplexing. Plenty of posts here. And start simple. You can upgrade later.

Here's one, if you don't mind a bit of soldering:

If you want to know what is going on with the software then look at this:-