8x8 LED matrix for mobile apps

I’m just a new arduino programmer.
I was invited by my teacher in my school to do a project which is use mobile apps to control a 8x8 LED matrix.
There is no need to control its color.Just need to turn it on/off.
All hardware is prepared but I cant finish my program.
Can anyone tell me how to turn on/off LEDs by pressing button on mobile?
I decided to make a 8x8 list of circle on mobile and it will send a number when users pressing on it.
For example, users press on the column 2, row 7 circle. It will send 50. Users press on the column 3,row 4 circle. It will send 27.
Also, LEDs should be lighting if users havent pressed it one more time. That means if users press 14th LED, then 16th LED, then 14th LED. It will send 14,16,14 to arduino. And the 14th LED will be off after received two 14.
I’m writing my program but just a little.

#include <avr/pgmspace.h>

//Pin connected to ST_CP of 74HC595
int latchPin = 8;
//Pin connected to SH_CP of 74HC595
int clockPin = 12;
////Pin connected to DS of 74HC595
int dataPin = 11;

byte a;
byte numbers[8]=

void setup() {
//Start Serial for debuging purposes
//set pins to output because they are addressed in the main loop
pinMode(latchPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(clockPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(dataPin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
for(int i = 0; i < 8; i++) {
digitalWrite(latchPin, LOW);
shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST, a);
shiftOut(dataPin, clockPin, MSBFIRST,~numbers*); *

  • digitalWrite(latchPin, HIGH);*
  • delay(3);*
  • a=a/2;*
  • if(a==0)*
  • a=0x80;*
  • }*
    Can anyone tell me how to write the correct program?Or give me some reference?