8x8 LED scrolling text control switch for changing

Hi there,

Is there a way to have buttons to control which programmed messages show on the display?


Are you asking how to connect a switch to the Arduino? Or, how to read whether that switch is on or off? Or, how to make the code select the correct text based on how many times the button has been pressed?

Three different answers depending on what the real question is.

Or how to select between pre stored messages?

How to select prestored messages. Thanks in advance!

Sorry but have you already got the whole thing working and you want to change the message or have you not even started making the hardware?

If you want advice it is important you tell the full story or else you are just wasting everyone's time.

My apologies. I haven't started the project yet. I'm in planning mode right now. I'm basing the coding on the code provided by Derek (http://www.instructables.com/id/How_To_Make_Two_Daft_Punk_Outfits_with_Helmets/step4/Making-the-Helmets/) where he has a bunch of different programs that just loop continuously after being turned on. I'd like to modify this code so that I can change it to a few messages that are each activated by their own switch. I also want to ensure that the messages only run once when pressed, rather than looped.

Does this help? Thanks for your time!


Does this help?

Yes that's better.

Wire up the switch to one of the inputs between the input and ground. Set the internal pull up resistor by doing a digital write high to that pin. Then in the program change the message into a two dimensional array and initialise the array. Then simply read the value of the pin and use the value in the small dimension. You might have to read up about arrays to do this.

Thanks, Grumpy! This is great!