8x8 Matrix - Yet another newbie

Hi all, first off a happy new year to all

I’m working on a project and can across the Arduino platform, I wasn’t looking for this solution but this could be a better and more advance version of my project, this has got me thinking (a very dangerous pastime I know)

Never having seen the Arduino platform it’s a bit like trying to drink from a fire hose with the amount of information and views out there, this plus I haven’t done any electronics in years !!!. I have looked at some of the coding examples and its looks like something I can get my head round. (I’m a Delphi programmer so not unwise to the programming world).

I want to ask a few questions about the Rainbowduino, the matrix I need will end up being around 250mm (about10inches) square with a 8x8 5mm Tri-Colour LED layout, I will probably get somebody to design a board layout for me (have notice plenty of capably people on this forum could help there) and get them manufactured, then load the boards myself.


  1. Am I right in saying in order to program the Rainbowduino I must use something like the UartSB V2.2 from Seeed Studio.
  2. Could I program the Rainbowduino with the above UartSB V2.2 but then unplug it, when I power the Rainbowduino again it will run my loaded program?
    3.The Rainbowduino does use Arduino coding and not it’s own?

Based on the above to answers this can set me off on my project.

I would like to ask if the following is possible, this I a more longer term view to my project but would like to know if its possible. Put together a number of Rainbowduino with the UartSB V2.2 and a XBee Pro, each XBee Pro has it’s own ID correct? Create a program that has a number of sequences / scenes sorted the in the Rainbowduino that can be call up to run from the program
Connect another XBee Pro to a PC (somehow, still looking) as each unit as an ID I can just tell what unit what sequences / scenes to execute. (eg RunSql(SqlId,UnitId) )

Any help, links, advise, example code etc etc I would be very much grateful



Just wondering, but are you familiar with the SparkFun 8x8 RGB LED array? The cost is only US$60 and it is driven by the SPI interface that is available on any Arduino. It might be a good starting point for your coding expeditions.

Hi Chessplayer

I have see the SparkFun 8x8 RGB LED, the problem is I don’t want the LED matrix as I will be making or getting my own large layout designed and you can’t seen to buy just the board. Also I would like to make these wireless in the future with the XBee.

Thanks for the info though