8x8 RGB LED matrix with SD bug

Hi ,

I have some trouble with using 8x8 rgb matrix and SD shield.

I use Colors Shield v1.1 and data logging shield v1.0 from Deek-Robot.


After init SD shield , RGB matrix work not correct. I use Colorduino lib.


if (!SD.begin(10)) {
Serial.println("initialization failed!");

Can you supply links to the shields your talking about.
What arduino are you using?
Does the RGB matrix work okay without the SD shield/software?

Arduino Uno

Colors Shield v1.1

data logging shield v1.0 from Deek-Robot

Yes , without SD shield work okay. And if I not init SD shield by SD.begin(10) , working okay.

I cannot find the data logging shield as the link on Deek does not work for me so I cannot find out what pins the shield uses.
The color shield uses a lot of pins (13) and my guess is some of these pins clash with those used on the data logger shield.