8x8 switch matrix

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me out with some code for a 8x8 switch matrix
im using 74HC165 parallel to serial and a 74hc164 serial to parallel similar setup
to the monome wiring. thanks!

If you get this working, I hope you will consider moving it to a simple dedicated "keyboard server", i.e. a small "box", probably with a PIC in it, that "looks" at the keyboard, processes the inputs from it, and "serves them up" to Arduinos and other devices via a simple one or two wire interface.

That's my hope in a nutshell. It is explained in greater detail, with some "success so far" info, at...

Regards and good luck,


I am working on the same project with the same chips only I have 74LS's not HC's. I will be posting my code if I get something working. Are you building around the Monome 40h using an arduino and the Sparkfun RGB LEDs? If so lets colaborate.