8x8x8 LED Cube with 74hc595 help please

Hello, I'm building an 8x8x8 LED Cube from www.instructables.com/id/Led-Cube-8x8x8/. The author uses 8 74HC574 ICs and 1 74HC138 IC. I would like to use 74hc595 shift registers for the multiplexing since I have plenty already, instead of the types the author used. The instructions does give Arduino code which is great, but I don't know how it needs to be changed to use the 74hc595 ICs.

Can someone who is more familiar with these ICs change the code for use with 74hc595 shift registers? This would be a huge help and greatly appreciated. Also does someone have a schematic of how the shift registers are connected and cascaded so I know I'm doing it right?

The Arduino code can easily be downloaded at https://www.dropbox.com/s/u2xwny9ajyflg6l/arduinocube.pde

Thank you for your help. Matt

Hi Matt,

I had a quick look at the schematic ‘what needs to be changed’ to used the 595’s is probably everything - electrocnics, software …

Is there a reason that you can’t use or find another set of instructions that use the 595 from the get-go?

It is possible to use 74HC595 for a LED cube.

A matrix is 2 dimentions = X and Y So a cude need 3 dimentions = X , Y , Z So one chip controlling X, one chip controlling Y and one chip controlling Z. The numbers of LEDs is : 8 * 8 * 8 = 512 Also, because of the currents per leds, you will need a transistor to control the leds axis with enough current rating ( 8 + 8 + 8 transistors) , limiting resistors for each leds ( 512 resistors ).

So you will need to build just one cell and repeat the cell. To see what I am trying to say, just reads about Leds Matrix, 7 segments displays ( commun anode or cathode ) to get some ideas how to connect a 3 dimentional leds cube.

That my help at this time. I did not build a led cube, YET ;)

Can someone who is more familiar with these ICs change the code for use with 74hc595 shift registers?

I know its quite old, but as I currently check a similar issue I found the following website (http://ledcubeblog.blogspot.de/2012/12/einfuhrung.html), which use 8 74HC595. Unfortionally the page is in German. But you might try to translate it via google Translate.