8x8x8 LED using Arduino Uno and Multiplexing (74CH595)


I have looking at these type of projects and would like to build one. There are quite some complicated design available but I want a simple low cost one. I have read a bit about multiplexing. But I am not sure about how everything works with each other.

Is it possible to build one using the Arduino Uno and 74HC595 (Shift Registers)?

Yes, but it will perform poorly. The HC595 was not designed to sink & source a lot of current. You will have better results using cd74AC164 to source current to columns, and N-channel, low Rds, Logic Level MOSFET to sink current from each layer. The HC595 can be used to control the N-channel MOSFET.

Send the data for a layer to 8 '164s, turn on the MOSFET for that layer. Wait 4mS (1/30/8), turn the MOSFET off and repeat for the next layer.

I am totally new to electronics, so I am taking it slow. Will google about it further. Thanks.

The logistics of an 8 by 8 by 8 single-colour LED cube get quite difficult, to say nothing of considering an RGB one. 512 LEDs.

I would tend to look at using eight MAX7219s to do all the work. For the present, I fancy trialling a 4 by 4 by 4 using a single MAX7219.

PaulRB of this forum has a a nice 4x4x4 LED cube using the MAX7219