9.5v on 5v rail on arduino clone fried or what? :(

:( well when i finally got my clone to work like a dumb ass i wasnt paying attention i hooked up my 9.5v battery to the 5v rail on the board and now it wont work at all . the rx light blinks but the tx dont whats up?

Sounds like you've fried your chip, and most likely the USB-to-TTL chip.. assuming you connected the ground as well.


its not a usb board its a serial board with max232 i dont think the board is fried because the rx light blinks when i try to upload to it but the tx dont so should i try a new chip in the board or just get get a whole new 1 :-X

Might be worth just getting a new processor chip (with bootloader) as even if you have to get another board later, the chip is still useful for future standalone projects.