9 Axes Motion Shield Library


New here and new to arduino. My experience so far has been overwhelming, but great. I have been playing with LEDs for a few weeks and am taking on my first practical project. I am building a basic compass.

I have an arduino mega with the 9 axes motion shield. I am attempting the examples on the arduino site but I doesn't show NAxisMotion.h in my library. When search for the library in my library manager I can't find anything.

Does anybody know how I can get the required library?

Thanks, Tom

There's usually links to libraries on the web pages of the hardware vendor. Or if not the vendor, you may have to identify the manufacturer and go to their site.

In the case of the Arduino 9 axis Motion sensor shield, who is considered the manufacturer, Arduino or Bosch?

I have not found where Arduino has posted a data sheet for the shield. Is anyone aware of same?

The manufacturer was Arduino.org which was merged into Arduino.cc. But there is little information on the Arduino.cc website. The library code is still available but I would get a copy quickly before that disappears as well.


I downloaded both that and the Adafruit version just to be sure.
Have been trying to use the Bosch Development Desktop software but have failed to connect via Com port or USB options.
Found some reference to jumpers on the board needing to be connected in certain way depending on which Arduino board being used , the RESET appears to be connected already but the INT is not. No idea what is required for an UNO.
Also curious what the function of the 6 3-pin ports are on the 9-axis.