.96 oled and SD card

Hi folks, I am trying to write a fairly simple program to read a DHT temperature sensor at regular intervals, save the readings to an SD card, and then print the reading to an OLED and to the serial monitor. Everything but the printing to the OLED works fine. In fact, the program hangs when it tries to execute the print to OLED method (when I comment the oled function out, everything works fine).

I've confirmed the OLED works on other programs and otherwise checked all wiring and code. I've tried different pins. I assume there is some conflict between the communications over SPI and over I2C that can be addressed?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Normally, I2C hangs if there is no pull-up resistor on the SCL/SDA pins

Which arduino are you using? How much dynamic memory does the compiler report that you are using? You likely have insufficient ram (dynamic memory), depending on how you have the display configured.

Schematic and code please! Read the forum guide so you know how to post them correctly.