999 chars over serial to arduino

Hi I am using vb.net to send 999 chars at once to arduino over serial port. ( I will control LED matrix)

I have a problem that writing on serial port is slow.

how I can make it faster to send 999 chars packet to arduino ? do you think Ethernet is faster ?

please to give hints Thanks

Have you tried a faster baud rate (like 115200)?

How fast do you need? At 115200 baud you can send 11,520 characters/second, or 1/11th of a second to send your entire packet.

Of course the Arduino's Serial port buffer is only 64 bytes, so you need to read out the data constantly to avoid dropping data.

And 999 characters fills up half the RAM if you buffer them all.

Thanks a lot, I will split the chars to less than the buffer size