9v battery hookup

Hi, everyone. I have a Arduino Uno, and I added an ardumoto motor shield. I was called, so I left, but my 9v battery was still plugged in. The wires touched my motor and short-circuited my Arduino. My Arduino and motor shield are fine, but my 9v socket is broken. Is there a way to fix it or do I need to buy a new Arduino to use the 9v port?

There might be a way to fix it. Post some well focused, close up pictures.

You should still be able to power the Arduino with 5V regulated power through the Vcc pin.

I don't think there's anything wrong with your port, it should be the regulator that got fried, the big black chip right next to the barrel socket with 4 pads.

If you're adventurous, you can try removing it and soldering in a replacement. From the boards I got, it looks like it'll either be a D-pack or SOT-223 package.

First how about a diagram of what you did. Show the colors of the leads from the battery. This normally shouldn't fry anything unless you did it wrong. Dwight