9V Battery

Can you (and if so how) connect a 9v battery directaly to an arduino dicemila using only wires (with out soldering)??? ::slight_smile: :o

You’ll want to buy a DC power plug to fit in to the power socket.
It helps if you can solder it but if your gentle a mechanical connection might be ok.

well, you can use one of those snap on 9v battery clips, and like cheater said, you can maybe pull off more plastic around the wires, and twist it very tightly around the clips of the plug, and i would also recommend a very little bit of electrical tape in between the power and gnd wires, so they don’t bridge accidentally, since its just a mechanical connection!

You could use screw terminals like one of these: http://radioshack.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2032289&cp=2032058.2032231

But I strongly encourage you to get one of [u]these[/u] and check [u]this[/u] out

agreed, even a cheap soldering iron can do the trick! and it’s worth it if your dealing with electronics…