9V Battery??

Hi I'm new to the scene ! I've successfully managed developing an arduino controlled RGB LED. I can set the color by turning a potentiometer. I was now planning to put the whole assembly on an arduino harness, the only problem is I have no idea where and how to connect the wire from the 9V Battery holder... Is it at the far right end where it says ICSP ? I tried and resulted in burning out an LED... how do I correctly connect that wire? Thanks guys !

on an arduino harness,

Not sure what you mean by this?

Connect the battery between the Vin and ground. You can also use the DC power jack.

If you burnt out an LED you are doing something very wrong, you might have burnt out the arduino as well. There should be no connection between the battery and the LED is should all go through the on board regulator.


This thing right here is an arduino harness See the red and black wire that comes from the battery holder ? where does that go?

The red wire goes to the vin pin and the black wire goes to the gnd pin (any of them, it doesn't matter)


While somewhat convenient for size and availability, I think in time you will find that standard 9vdc batteries are not a great chose for powering a Arduino system. The cost per mah capacity is pretty poor, and they can't supply very much current load depending on what you are wiring up in your projects. AA recharagable batteries make a lot more sense if you must use batteries. An external 9 volt, one amp DC power module is much better if you don't require portability.


This thing right here is an arduino harness

Thanks not seen that before. However being Chinese they haven't quite got the hang of using the English language hence the rubbish name that doesn't mean much. Anyway it matches the product, can you tell I am not impressed.