9x9x9 common anode matrix

I’ve got this card I designed for another user, set up with 12 TCIP6B595’s to drive 12 higher voltage 7-segment displays, and a couple of transistors to drive some relay coils.
I was thinking, if I wire up a 9x9x9 array, with the TCIP6B595s sinking the cathode connected columns, and adding 9 p-channel mosfet transistors to source current to each layer’s common anode by pulling the p-channel gate low to turn it on, that should work pretty well as an array drive, right?
9x9 = 81 columns, and 9 more bits for the layers = 90 bits, even have a few bits left for maybe 5 special LEDs in the 4 corners and 1 in the middle or something.


Sounds cool, maybe use the extra bits for one RGB LED in the center. Also, I think you meant TPIC for that part number couldn't find any thing called TCIP. Looks like that chip can sink 150mA on each channel(I didn't look closely, so I may be wrong), so you might have to worry about that(?). The TPIC6A596 can sink 350mA it looks like, so maybe that would be better?

Yes, typo there, TPIC6B595 intended.

Wow, the TPIC6A596 is a monster current sink part!

As described, each part should only be sinking the current for 1 LED at a time, the TPIC6B595 should be plenty.
If several (all?) layers are all to be turned on at the same time, the TPIC6A596 would be a great part for sinking 180mA. The board would need to be re-routed for that, pretty sure wider traces would be needed for power.